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Ganado Rug
Description: Authentic Navajo handmade Rug. Ganado, AZ Style. Ganado is located near the center of the Navajo Reservation and is famous for the "Ganado Red" type of rug. This style is known for the bold crosses and diamond motifs, which are adaptations of the earlier blankets worn by the Navajos. Famous trader Don Lorenzo Hubbell was influential in encouraging the weavers to use the older elements prior to 1900, instead of encouraging the "oriental influence" as other traders were doing. This rug is an excellent example of a classic, contemporary Ganado red rug. It combines a deep red background with stylized cross and serrate design elements. 30" x 57". Artist: Millie Platero, Ganado, AZ.
Price:  $1,500.00
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